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About us

Houkodou Company Limited
Corporate Name Houkodou Company Limited
President Tomoko Ihara
Nature of Business Manufacture and wholesales of brushes for calligraphy, Japanese painting, and make-up/ Wholesales of calligraphy-related products, sumi, suzuri,and paper Tourism service
Office and Shop 10-6-23 Dekiniwa, Kumano-cho, Aki-gun, Hiroshima 731-4221 Japan
TEL 082-854-0003
FAX 082-854-1290
Founded 1900
Paid in Capital 10,000,000yen

Corporate History

1900 The company was founded by the first president, Azuma Ihara. He started to make calligraphic writing brushes in Kumano, Hiroshima.
The end of 1945 The second president, Takuzo(Shisei) Ihara inherited the company.
January, 1976 The company was incorporated as a stock company.
August, 1978 The third president, Hiroshi Niwa inherited the company.
A new branch was established in Nagoya, Aichi.
In addition to calligraphic writing brushes, calligraphic habiliments, such as sumi, suzuri and paper were added to the business items.
December,1986 A new branch was established in Kobe, Hyogo.
March, 1996 A new branch was established in Tokyo.
June, 1997 The main office was moved to the current place.
April, 2001 Tokyo branch became independent as Eiji Houkodou.
September, 2001 Kobe branch became independent as Kobe Houkodou.
September, 2002 Nagoya branch became independent as Nagoya Houkodou.
March, 2014 A Kumano town Vistor Center opened.
October, 2016 The fourth president, Tomoko Ihara inherited the company.

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