Wajima x Kumano
calligraphic writing brushes

"Wajima Nuri" Lacquering Technique in Collaboration with
"Kumano" calligraphic writing brushes

Wajima Nuri x Kumano Fude

There is a commemorative calligraphic writing brush called Hyakuju.
It is decorated with "Wajima Nuri" lacquering technique.

This series is the top line among our products.
It was produced based on elegant Japanese tradition and classic culture.
In 1999, in memory of our 100th anniversary of foundation,
this fine memorial calligraphic writing brush named Hyakuju (Centenarians)
was produced using Wajima-nuri lacquering technique.

Our desire for health and longevity is put into Hyakuju (Centenarians) and
we assign it our finest premium classification.
Hyakuju (Centenarians) reproduction idea was to revive our former joint business project
in collaboration with "Wajima Nuri", the finest traditional lacquering technique.

It is a pleasure to own a calligraphic writing
brush to enjoy writing letters.
You would feel the pleasure and enjoyment
that traditional artistic products create.

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