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Hope and Philosophy of Shisei Ihara, the 2nd President of Houkodou

By thinking about calligraphic writing brushes, you will remember our Kumano town,
and you will also remember our high quality calligraphic writing brushes.

Shisei Ihara's MatchboxShisei Ihara's Matchbox

The calligraphic writing brushes of Houkodou are the best expression of Japanese traditional culture.
They are produced one at a time by our experts who have taken over the craftsmanship exploring beauty and artistic culture during our long history.

Shisei Ihara

In addition to the production of calligraphic writing brushes, our President, Shisei Ihara promoted culture and the arts. He was born in 1914 as the founder's oldest son of Houkodou. He produced many unique calligraphic writing brushes. He also inspired new ideas through interaction with Shikou Munakata and others.

Second President  Shisei Ihara

Shisei Ihara
Shisai's poem (accomplishment for production) Shisei's Poem (Accomplishment for Production)

I have always wanted to make calligraphic writing brushes to warm your heart.
I have always wanted to produce inspirational calligraphic writing brushes to allow you to express yourself.

I have always wished to see classic calligraphy.
I have always wanted to creat various styles of calligraphy and to produce the popular calligraphic writing brushes that everyone can use.
I would appreciate it if I could have your complete support.
Shisei Houkodou

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