Wajima x Kumano
cosmetic make-up brushes

Collaboration between skill and production historyCollaboration between skill and production history

Wajima Nuri x Kumano Fude

100% made in Japan
All hand-crafted through each process
by traditional craftsmen

This makeup brush, which takes almost a year to produce, is created using a combination of traditional craft
techniques Japan is proud of.
The brush is made using the most select fine, soft hairs of grey squirrels. Its holder is beautifully lacquered with
Wajima-nuri and decorated with maki-e. A cherry blossom motif completes the exquisite design. The brush is so
attractive that it will repay long hours of attention, and can be cherished forever.

Collaboration between skill and production history

t takes about one year from the initial planning to the completion of the brush.
This make-up brush uses the technology of a Japanese lacquer Urushi Manufacturer who has over 100 years of production in
making the traditional Japanese calligraphic writing brush.

Characteristics of the Wajima Nuri laquering technique
Characteristics of the "Wajima Nuri"
laquering technique

The Urushi Nuri lacquering technique is one of the most famous traditions representing Japan. The Urushi Nuri and the Wajima Nuri lacquering techniques are designated as an "Important intangible cultural manufacturing technique" in Japan. The "Wajima Nuri" lacquering technique first applies a rare lacquer to the bare wood and then polishes it many times using a dozen various processes. Secondly, there is the drawing of a pattern and the application of "Urushi" which is Japanese lacquer followed by the sprinkling of gold dust. This uses the original Japanese decoration technique.

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